Playpen For Baby  5 Best Organic Crib Mattress 2021

5 Best Organic Crib Mattress 2021

How to choose a long-lasting, cost-effective and safest crib mattress?

Baby’s organic crib mattress will not only help to increase blood flow but also help to eliminate pressure to sleep safely and comfortably throughout the night. Organic crib mattresses consist of harmless, nontoxic sources, clear of pesticides and chemically recycled materials.
The best organic crib mattress will help your Baby avoid sleep interruptions caused by toxin releases and regulate their body temperature.

Organic Crib Mattress Just A Hype?

 It’s not hype, but in a recent study, the University of Texas observes that:

  •  Crib mattresses emit high levels of harmful toxic chemicals.
  • Body heat increases emissions of gasses from nontoxic crib mattresses.
  • Research showed infants inhale significantly higher toxins than adults. As babies spend more time sleeping, they are about ten times more toxic to inhale than an average adult
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Why to choose an organic crib mattress?

Why To Choose A Best Organic Crib Mattress?

Skin allergies and breathing difficulties are the most common baby illnesses. These illnesses get worse if not taken care of and primarily develop from detergents and mattresses. Newborns consume more than half of their day sleeping, although it sounds like a myth to new parents.
If crib mattresses are unsafe and toxic, it means that children struggle to get comfortable, and their young lungs breathe most of the gasses these crib mattresses exhumed. Those gasses released by old or inorganic crib mattresses are silent and deadly. Hence most parents are unaware of this risk.

  1. NO PVC’s WITH PHTHALATES: Babies may breathe in these harmful exhumes or absorb them through their sensitive skin. Such exposure may cause a range of health issues, including severe conditions such as kidney and liver damage, cancer, asthma and skin conditions.
  2. HYPOALLERGANIC: Organic mattress are eliminated from toxic chemicals. Such products are organically sourced, sensibly produced, safe and kind to skin.
  3. BREATHABILITY: Organic crib mattress not only helps with reduction of suffocation but also regulate babies temperature by allowing air to pass through the entire mattress, with no VOC’s, no off-gassing, no toxic emissions all contribute to a safe sleep experience for your baby.
  4. FIRE RETARDENT: Organic mattresses often use organic cotton. A completely natural and safe flame retardant. Because it can hold much of its weight in moisture, it takes more time to catch on fire than most materials used in mattresses.

How To Choose A Suitable Organic Crib Mattress?

Safe sleep space is as crucial as Baby’s physical hygiene. Get this intelligent and quick guide on how to make a baby’s sleeping safe here. Parents should choose Baby’s bed and mattress after a great deal of research and market study.


Buying a crib mattress that is full of toxins could impact your Baby’s growth and health. Finding a high-quality product would not only put your mind at ease but also help you both sleep sound and safe.

A decent and chemical-free crib mattress for your newborn is indeed something that can keep him safe and healthy through her crucial early years.

 Every parent wants the best for their children. But they often get obstructed by the prices and deals available to grab and can’t focus on some of the most important aspects while choosing a baby’s crib mattress.

How This Guide Will Help ?

 This guide will help you choose the right organic crib mattress made up of high-quality material suitable for babies and toddlers and comprises all the best must-have features so that you won’t regret your decision. There are many brands to buy a natural mattress from, for your baby. Not all of them are safe for babies and increse the risk of SIDS.

Buying a suitable organic mattress for your baby seem like a huge investment. Check out our 5 best organic crib mattresses if you’d like a chemical free baby mattress for your newest addition.

1. L.A. Baby 2-in-1 Dual Sided Foam Crib & Toddler Mattress

with 100% Organic Cotton Top Layer on Waterproof Cover

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Organic Crib Mattress by LAbaby
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LA Baby is an internationally recognized and award-winning brand of Amwan Inc . This organic crib mattress is 2-in-1 dual-sided organically sourced baby mattress. Locally sourced and manufactured. GOOD reviews available to read before you decide here.

Best features:
  • SIZE Crib And Cot Both Available.
  • 100% Organic Cotton Top Layer
  • Non-toxic, non-allergenic & Luxurious
  • Firm Infant Side Provides Better Support
  • Waterproof cover with 100% Organic Cotton top layer
  • Features A Memory Foam Layer for Enhanced Comfort For Toddlers
  • High Density Soy Foam Core Provides Extra Support
  • Surrounds With Cloth Binding Which Prevents Edge Seams From Splitting
  • Air Vents Promote Mattress Freshness And Regulate Body Temprature
  • Made In The USA
  • weight 10 pounds
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Non allergenic
  • Non-toxic
  • Waterproof
  • 100% Organic Cotton top layer
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Not greenguard certified
  • Not fully organic
  • Sustainable materials
  • Contains polyurethane foam

2.Naturepedic Organic Lightweight Classic Crib Mattress

2-Stage Natural Mattress for Baby and Toddler Bed

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Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress
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Naturepedic work on a mission to eliminate toxic chemicals from mattresses and bedding. Their products are organically sourced, sensibly produced, safe and environmantally safe. We personally loved this organic crib mattress being so strong yet weigh only 14 lbs.

Best features:
  • UL/GREENGUARD certifications for low chemical emissions
  • TWO-STAGE baby and toddler SUPPORT
  • WATERPROOF coating over the surface to easy clean.
  • SIZE 51.58 x 27.25 x 6 and weights 14lbs
  • Made In The USA
  • Dual Sided
  • 100% organic
  • Easy-To-Clean with Waterproof Seams
  • Lightweight
  • Feels Bit Hard

3.Eco Classica III 2-Stage Baby & Toddler Organic Crib Mattress by Colgate

Infused with Plant Oils

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The Eco Classica III is Colgate’s best selling organic crib mattress. This organic crib mattress is 6 inch thick, dual sided mattress and reasonably priced. Makeing it an ideal mattress for the growth and development of your growing baby.

Best Features:

      4.Organic Dream Crib and Toddler Mattress

      Organic Cotton 2-Stage Lightweight – 100% Breathable & Hypoallergenic

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      A Superior level of comfort for both parents and the child. Organically sourced and food grade materials used to manufacture this dream organic mattress.

      Best Features:
      • Size 52 x 28 x 6 inches
      • Certified GREENGUARD Gold Certified
      • Washable And Removeable cover
      • Breathable with ongoing airflow, which is proven to reduce the risk of suffocation.
      • Water-resistant
      • Cooling Gel Topper makes it suitable for hot weather also
      • Dual-side grows with your baby’s needs
      • Organic with 100% Organic Mattress protector that is both removable and machine washable

          5. Wonder Dream Baby Organic Crib Mattress and Toddler Mattress,

          Organic Cotton, 100% Breathable, Non Toxic, Water Repellent, Hypoallergenic, No Foam, No VOC’s, Made in USA
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          Wonder Dream Baby Crib Mattress
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          Wonder Dream Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Mattress company always aim to provide baby with the safe sleep in their early days with parents peace of mind. This organic crib mattress contains no foam, latex, springs, glue, or allergens.

          • Size 52″ x 28″ x 5″
          • GREENGUARD Gold US Certified
          • Built-in Waterproof-backing to ensure the mattress stays dry
          • DURABLE, hand or machine washable
          • 100% Breathability
          • 2- STAGE DUAL-FIRMNESS
          • Organic
          • Antibacterial

              Whatever you decide for your baby make sure it follows health and safety guidelines.

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